Truffle Hunting

Take an unforgettable adventure of truffle hunting!


Our adventure begins in a little village Paladini, in a heart of Istria where you will find the Karlić family – the third generation family of truffle hunters. First, the experience starts with an educational story about truffles and the history of truffle hunting, after which guests are offered a truffle liqueur to warm up before going to the forest.

A short walk or a drive to the forest is a great time for bonding between the guests and the sweetest members of the Karlić family – a playful group of truffle-hunting dogs and, of course, the hunter that will be their guide in the forest. Truffle hunting truly is once in a lifetime experience. The thrill of the hunt and the peace felt surrounded by the stunning nature is a memory all guests surely will cherish long after coming back to their homes.

After a hopefully successful, but definitely exciting truffle hunting tour, it is time for refreshment – the truffle tasting!
All food is served to the guests over the time of a three-course tasting is of local origin, fresh and homemade. During all meals, guests can enjoy unlimited red and white wine – homemade products of grandma Danica (1st generation of the Karlić family truffle hunters).

1st course: 2 types of cheese, salami, canapes with black & white truffles, truffle honey, and truffle oil.

2nd course: Scrambled eggs with fresh truffles. Guests can participate in cooking, or simply watch while the delicious meal is made in front of them.

3rd course: Desert – warm fritule, traditional Istrian doughnuts with the world’s first chocolate spread with truffles.

*note: in some cases, truffle tasting is organized prior to the truffle hunting.


2-10 ADULTS         93,75 EUR
11 ADULTS               87,50 EUR
12-13 ADULTS        81,25 EUR
14 ADULTS              75,00 EUR
15-20 ADULTS       68,75 EUR


1-4 ADULTS           143,75 EUR
5-7 ADULTS           137,50 EUR
7+ ADULTS             120,00 EUR

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