House info
To make your stay more comfortable and safe

As our guest, you have the exclusive use of the house, garden, parking, swimming pool and all amenities. Feel free to use all the gadgets, utensils, and everything else we have left in the house for your enjoyment.

There are some basic aspects of how to use the property. If you encounter any problem or malfunction, please inform the owner by phone.
Here are some important things you should know:

  • WI-FI

    Wi-Fi network name: VilaDora

    Password: dora1234


    There are air conditions on all the floors.

    To use the air conditioners, press the POWER button and choose the desired temperature. The system requires a few minutes before it starts working.

    When the air conditioning is on, close all the windows.

    Please switch off all air conditioning when leaving the house.


    In the house, there are two dishwashing machines, in each kitchen. On your arrival, you will find a dishwashing detergent in the closet under the sink.


    You can find a kids feeder chair on the first floor in a room close to the kitchen.


    In terms Villa Dora keeps green surrounding, we kindly ask you to water the garden flowers every day. In case you are not willing to do it, please, inform us so we can come and do it instead of you. During the night the automatic watering is being turned on. Therefore, we suggest removing all your staff from the garden.

  • GAS

    In the house, there is a central gas bottle behind the house. The second bottle is situated below the outdoor fireplace, for the gas grill. In a case one of the bottles stays out of gas, feel free to contact us in terms to come and replace it with a full one.


    Near the outdoor table in the fireplace, you can find a gas grill. In case you prefer to grill on wood, you can use the metal grill from the canteen. Wood is situated below the outdoor fireplace, as well as in the canteen.


    Each bathroom contains one hairdryer.


    Villa Dora is an old Istrian house situated in the middle of nature. Therefore, might happen you find some insects in the house or in the surroundings, which are not dangerous at all. You can find the insects killers in the room with a washing machine on the basement. In the summer evenings and nights, there are mosquitos. Each room in the house has the electric liquid appliance against mosquitos in terms to let you have a good sleep.


    On the first floor, in the room close to the kitchen, you can find the ironing board as well as the iron.


    Kids’ playground is used on your own responsibility. We kindly ask you to be careful with the kids’ playground due to the risk of falling.


    In a room right of the main entrance, there is a washing machine. On your arrival, you will find a laundry detergent enough for at least one washing.


    Four king beds are ready to be used. In case you are in 10 persons, linen for the couch in the living room is situated in the wooden box in front of the bathroom door on the first floor. In case you need additional clean linen during your stay, please, let us know and we will bring them to you as soon as possible. In case of stays longer than 7 nights, the owner of the house brings clean linen every 7 nights.


    Park places close to Villa Dora are free of charge, on use only for Villa Dora guests.

  • POOL

    The pool has sweet water. The water is not heated. The depth of the pool in the part for adults is 1,5 m, and in the part for kids 40 cm. Dimensions of the pool are 4m x 9m. The pool’s lights switch off and on automatically.

  • SOAP

    You will find one soap per bathroom enough for at least one day.


    You can find 6 sunbeds close to the pool. Each sunbed has its own cushion. We kindly ask our guests to remove the cushions from the sunbeds during the night and put them until next following morning in the room with a washing machine, right of the main entrance of the basement. The grass has automatic watering during the night, so the cushions would be wet in the morning.


    Each guest in Villa Dora gets one big and one small towel. In case of stays longer than 7 days, we will bring you new clean towels.

  • TV

    Each room in Villa Dora has its own smart TV (5 TVs in total).


    Household waste must be placed in closed bags.
    Recycling bins for paper, glass and plastics and cans are in front of the house on the main road.


    Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the house, except in the canteen. Smoking is allowed outside.


+385 98 1734 445