Please remember
  • RULE NO. 1

    Throw closed garbage bags into the green bin located under the advertising billboard

  • RULE NO. 2

    Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the house. Smoking is allowed outside and on the terraces.

  • RULE NO. 3

    Guests use the pool at their own peril and responsibility.
    Small children must never be left unattended!
    It is very important to shower before using the pool.
    Do not touch the pool machinery.
    Pets are strictly forbidden from entering the pool.

    Jumping into the pool is prohibited!

  • RULE NO. 4

    When the air conditioning is on, close all the windows.
    Please switch off all air conditioning when leaving the house.

  • RULE NO. 5

    Parties in large groups are not allowed.

  • RULE NO. 6

    Please be respectful of the neighbourhood. No loud noises are allowed between 10 pm and 9.

  • RULE NO. 7

    Check-out time is 10 am.

  • RULE NO. 8

    It is forbidden to enter the fitness room with wet swimming suit.

  • RULE NO. 9

    Jumping into the jacuzzi and pouring shampoo is prohibited.

  • RULE NO. 10

    Forbidden to enter the sauna with wet clothes.


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