House info
To make your stay more comfortable and safe

As our guest, you have the exclusive use of the house, garden, parking, swimming pool and all amenities. Feel free to use all the gadgets, utensils, food, drinks, and everything else we have left in the house for your enjoyment.

There are some basic aspects of how to use the property. If you encounter any problem or malfunction, please inform the owner by phone.
Here are some important things you should know:

  • WI-FI

    Wi-fi NETWORK: Istrian Moments
    Wi-fi PASSWORD: IstrianMoments0710


    Tap water is safe for drinking.
    Careful: hot water in inside and outside kitchen and bathrooms! The water heat pump is regulated automatically, so please do not touch it!


    Electrical safety switches are behind the toalet door in the ground floor.
    Electrical supply is 230V, 50Hz AC. Croatia uses the standard European (round-pronged) plugs.


    The outdoor lights right next the entrance door and the trees automatically turns on. The switch of the side outdoor lights
    and parking lights is near the entrance door. Pool reflector switch is right next to the living room glass wall. Please switch
    it off during the day.


    The fire extinguisher and the first aid kit are located in the technical room in the ground floor toilet.

  • SAFE

    There is a safe in the wardrobe of master bedroom in the ground floor for guests use.


    The iron and board are in the in the technical room in the ground floor toilet.


    To use the air conditioners, press the POWER button and choose the desired temperature. The system requires a few minutes before it starts working.
    When the air conditioning is on, close all the windows. If you open any window while the air condition is working, it will stop emmediately.
    Please switch off all air conditioning when leaving the house.


    There are in-wall loudpeakers in the living room + kitchen and master bedroom in the ground floor.
    There are also louspeakers in the outside kitchen near the pool.
    You can connect to it by turning on bluetooth on your mobile phone and choose the desidered room (“Living room”, “Master bedroom” and “Pool”) and enjoy listening to your favorite music.

  • TV

    There are 2 remote controls (PHILIPS TV and TOTAL TV). You use PHILIPS TV remote for turn on and off the TV and TOTAL TV remote for changing the programs. HDMI input must be selected in the “source” menu of PHILIPS TV.


    To turn on the dishwasher press power button, wait few seconds and then you can choose the washing program by pressing the button “P”. When you select the washing program press start and close the door. When the dish is washed the door will automatically open.


    The swimming pool is treated with chlorine and acid. It is cleaned by a technitian twice weekly (tuesday and friday).
    Guests are advised not to leave small children unattended, especially on staircases and near the water. The leaf skimmer is located in the technical room.

Contact Property Manager

+385 98 726 065