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PASSWORD: 47107442

Tap water is safe for drinking.
Careful: hot water in kitchen and bathrooms!

The swimming pool is treated with chlorine and acid. The pool is cleaned twice weekly and/or when necessary.

Guests use the pool at their own peril and responsibility.

Small children must never be left unattended!

It is very important to shower before using the pool. 

Pets are strictly forbidden from entering the pool.


Mind the steps! Guests are advised not to leave small children unattended, especially on staircases and near the water.

Electrical safety switches are located next to the main entrance door behind the mirror.

The first aid kit is in the commode next to the main entrance.

The iron is in the commode next to the entrance and the board is in the bathroom.

To use the air conditioners, press the POWER button and choose the desired temperature. The system requires a few minutes before it starts working.

When the air conditioning is on, close all the windows.

Please switch off all air conditioning when leaving the house.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the house. Smoking is allowed outside.

Household waste must be placed in closed bags and left in the green bin(s) outside the house.

Recycling bins for paper, glass and plastics and cans can be found by the main road.

Parties in large groups are not allowed.

All additional guests need to be approved by the owner and registered with the authorities. This is a legal requirement.

Please be respectful of the neighborhood. No loud noise after 11 pm!

Late departures are not possible if there is another arrival on the same day. Check-out time is 10 am.

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