As our guest, you have the exclusive use of the house, garden, parking, swimming pool and all amenities.
Feel free to use all the gadgets, utensils, food, drinks, and everything else we have left in the house for your enjoyment

Dear guests,
Due to the recommendations of Croatian National Civil Protection Headquarters, we would like to direct you to the actions required during check-in and check-out, in order to enable you a more pleasant stay in our facilities.
In accordance with the recommendations of theCroatian National Civil Protection Headquarters on physical distancing, as well as the experience of performing the work of the Reception during the 2020 season, we decided that in the summer season of 2021 coming to the Reception of Istarski Dvori for check-in and check-out, payment or other inquiries will not be possible. The work of our Reception takes place exclusively by contact by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp or Viber applications, and the arrivals of our staff to maintain our Villas during your vacation, we will reduce to a minimum and at times agreed with you in advance.
– contact mobile phone number of the Reception of Istarski Dvori:
+385 99 2449 660
– e-mail of Istarski Dvori:
[email protected]
Due to the above, it is very important that you send us accurate mobile phone number, as well as the e-mail address through which we will be able to contact you.
During this summer season, we will not accept a security deposit in cash, but we will pre-authorize your bank credit card in accordance with your completed and signed Security deposit form. After check-out, in case of found damage, we will contact you immediately and charge the damage. In the case that there is no damage, we will cancel the pre-authorization on your bank credit card. Security deposit is 400 €.
After we register your stay in our villas with the Croatian Tourist Board, we will inform you of the amount for tourist tax and in agreement with you charge the same (on the bank card whose information you left us in the form of Security Deposit or, unless otherwise possible and with prior agreement with you, upon arrival of our receptionists at the villa, in cash).
Check-in at the villa is in the period from 16.00. The internet password is located on the router that is in the living room.
Check-out from the villa is until 10 am, we kindly ask You to close all windows and turn off the air conditioners before leaving, close the parasols, return the garden furniture cushions to the villa, lock the villa and return one set of villa keys and remote control to turn on / off the alarm system in the key box, and leave the second set of keys on the dining table in the villa. Our staff will come to inspect the house 15 minutes after your departure.

Wi-Fi network: HolidayHome7
Password: Vacation 7

Electrical safety switches are next to the door leading to the North garden.

Tap water is safe for drinking.
Careful: hot water in kitchen and bathrooms! The water heater switch must be left ON.

The fire extinguisher, first aid kit and safe are located in the wardrobe in front of the bathroom door.

There is a safe in the wardrobe for guests use. The code for the safe is: 4428

The iron and board are in the wardrobe in front of the bathroom door.

To use the air conditioners, press the POWER button and choose the desired temperature. The system requires a few minutes before it starts working. When turned on, please keep all doors and windows closed.

Pull down and lock by pushing the handles sideways.

To open or close electrical windows, keep the button pressed for 5 seconds.

The swimming pool is treated with chlorine and acid. It is cleaned twice weekly and/or when necessary.
Guests use the pool at their own peril and responsibility.
Small children must never be left unattended!
Pets are strictly forbidden from entering the pool.

Household waste must be placed in closed bags and left in the green bins next to the gate.
Recycling bins for paper, glass and plastics and cans are in front of the house on the main road.

Do not place coffee makers, frying pans, large pots, wood cutting boards, and other wooden utensils in the dishwasher! Please hand wash.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the house. Smoking is allowed outside, on the terraces and in the pool house and konoba.

Parties in large groups are not allowed.

Please be respectful of the neighborhood. No loud noise after 11 pm!


• Every guest shall check in with his/her ID card or passport at the reception desk of Istarski dvori 2 d.o.o. (Address: Sv. Antona 22, Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički). The document shall be returned to the guest after registration in the guestbook.
• The check-in at the villa is from 16.00 to 20.00 hrs.
• Please vacate the villa on the day of departure by 10.00 hrs. Any presence in the villa after 10.00 hrs entails additional payment for accommodation according to the price list applicable on that day.
• You are kindly asked to personally sign all receipts for any kind of services.
• The accommodation at the villas of Istarski dvori 2 d.o.o. can be used only by a person duly registered.
• Short visits at the villa are allowed. However, longer visits and overnight stays of persons not registered are not allowed.
• The accommodation costs and any other additional services that will be used during the stay at the villa have to be paid before arrival. Payment is possible via internet banking or bank card, unless otherwise agreed.
• If you wish to prolong your stay at the villa, please inform the reception desk not later than the day before departure. If you wish to shorten your stay at the villa, please inform the reception desk at least three days before departure.
• We kindly ask You to be careful with the inventory and other furniture and equipment in the villa. In the case of intentional damage of the inventory and other equipment you shall be charged with the damage costs.
• In the case of adverse weather conditions, outdoor furniture (sunshades, loungers, table, chairs, lounger and chair pads) as well as the portable grill shall be placed in a sheltered or closed space.
• Room inventory (pillows, blankets, towels etc.) is intended for your use during your stay at the villa and you are kindly requested not to take them out of the villa/yard.
• The guest is not allowed to bring easily inflammable and explosive materials or unpleasantly smelling items into the villa.
• According to the law on the restriction of the consumption of tobacco products, smoking is not allowed inside of the villa.
• When leaving the villa, please lock the doors and enable the alarm system.
• Istarski dvori 2 d.o.o. shall not be responsible for valuables left in the safe, in the room and in your car.
• When checking out, please return one set of villa keys and the remote control for the alarm system into the key box, and leave the other set of keys on the dining table in the villa.
• In the case of loss of the key and/or alarm system remote control unit, please notify the reception desk in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
• The loss of the key and alarm system remote control unit shall be charged.
• It is not allowed to disturb the peace by listening to loud music or causing unpleasant noise during the rest period.
• The rest period is from 15.00 to 17.00 and from 23.00 to 08.00 hrs. The guests are asked to observe peace and quiet in this period for a more pleasant stay of themselves and of the other guests at the surrounding villas.
• Waste collection from the waste container is carried out accordance with the schedule in the Info Book
• Gardening maintenance is performed once in a week. You will be notified about the date and time later.
• Pool cleaning is done at least once a week, or as needed. You will be notified about the date and time later.
• Pets are allowed in the villa and in the yard if this is allowed by Istarski dvori 2 d.o.o. Istarski dvori 2 d.o.o. shall not be held liable for possible injuries of your pets during your stay at the villa.
• In the case of fire, please observe the evacuation plan which is kept at the Info Map of the villa. Please notify the reception desk immediately in the case of fire.
• You are kindly asked to report at the reception desk any fault or defect in the villa and any dissatisfaction with the service.
• Information on how to submit written consumer complaints can be found in this Info Map and at the reception.
• Please be sure that your children are safe, if possible under the supervision of an adult person and also make sure they do not stay near the pool/Jacuzzi alone, in order to avoid possible risks and injuries. Istarski dvori d.o.o. shall not be liable for possible injuries inside and outside the villa during your stay at the villa.
• The children’s playground may be used by children aged between 2 and 12.
• Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult person when using the children’s playground.
• Istarski dvori 2 d.o.o. shall not be liable for any injuries at the children’s playground.
• For safety reasons, the children’s playground should not be used in the time between 12.00 and 16.00 hrs.

Please notice:

Garden maintenance is performed once a week from 8:00 am to 03:00 pm. You will be notified about the date later.

Pool cleaning is done at least once a week, or as needed. You will be notified about the date later.

Please contact our reception in case you want to change maintenance terms:

Mobile: +385 (99) 244-96-60

Waste collection is carried out as follows:

Villas Barat: friday;
Villas St.Lovrec, Lakovici, Orbani, Radici: tuesday;
Villas Heraki: tuesday;
Villa Štifanići: thirsday ;
Villas Fabci i Sinožići: friday;
Villas Vizinada, Vranje Selo, Bajkini: wednesday

According to the law, waste sorting is mandatory. Near Your Villa, there are waste containers for separational sorting of plastic and aluminium waste, for paper and for glass.

As an exception to this, plastic packaging, ie. Plastic bottles of various beverages purchased in Croatia please do not trow in the trash. You can restore them in marked stores with a refundable fee.

Thank you for understanding, we wish you a pleasant stay!

Dear guests, thank you for your stay!

Before you leave, please follow our steps:

- Please empty the dishwasher
- Please take out the trash in a dumpster or trash can at yard
- Please take off bed linen and put them in the hallway with towels
- Please wash the floor

Thank you very much!